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Real Foodies Do Not Eat Quiche

But a quiche? What is it anyway? It is a part custard and a part crust. A custard is usually sweet, and so is a pie or a tart. A quiche mimi

Chowk - A Crossroad in Asia

“It is so hard to remain authentic,” the chef at Chowk sighed. His words would come back from time to time whenever another inspired but ins

Tawanico - "mariage" of cake and coffee

However, "mariages" between coffee and baked goods, now, that is accessible and available: arriving with the third wave, coffee ro

Wattz Muffin

What is a muffin? Is it a single-serving poundcake? Or is it - God forbid - a cupcake without the gaudy frosting? Although belonging to the

ZiZi Bake

Humble, homey, (relatively?) healthy - a carrot cake is deeply satisfying both to the heart and to the stomach. Even the mere thought of it

Sacche's Curry

It has become the new custom in the ever growing "spice curry*" genre in Osaka to offer one (or two) staple curry(s) and one weekl

Ripe for Vegetables

“Eat more vegetables.” We have all been told at one point, or at multiple points, in our lives – by overbearing mothers at dinner tables, b

Jinbado's Yakimochi

"Yaki-mochi" is a simple word: "yaki" means grilled or baked and "mochi" a sticky rice cake. It is a Japanese

The Real Sangeetha in Chennai

Instead of testing the water, tested was the sambar and it passed the first hurdle as it nice and smooth with adequate amount of tool dal to

Nostalgic for the Exotic

Despite the prevalence of curry, the flavor itself, had remained uniformly and staunchly continental based on the conventional flour-and-oil

Omakase: The Tyranny of Sushi

Choice – it is the prerogative of the modern citizens. Choices are abundant, and we take them for granted. The ability to choose – Isn’t it

The Infinity of Three

At Gyokuseiya, there is no such problem. Everything is beautifully simple; and everything works around the number of 3. For the menu, you ha

The Elegance of Sanshuya

We are insatiable, our appetite bottomless and our greed boundless. More, more and even more, we cry out. There are countless blogs, guidebo

An Art Called Sushi

His nigiri are slender and streamlined. His sushi rice is salty and acidic, and even hard. Yes, the rice is finished with a tiny hard core -

Enoteca Maria - June 19, 2011

I am an advocate of equality; I fight against discrimination. Let me expand this a little: I respect each and every kind of animal and each

Hightstown Diner - June 4, 2011

French Dip An uncomplicated sandwich of crusty, lean French roll with a three-quarters inch thick stack of well-done roasted beef arrived wi

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